NEIU Undergraduate Open House

    The Undergrad Open House exists for families with a student in high school or a college-aged student, to do research on NEIU to learn more and see if this might be a good fit to obtain an undergraduate (aka Bachelor's) degree.
    You do not need to come for the entire time.  Come when you are able to, within the window of time that the open house is going on.
    You will have an opportunity to speak to representatives for most of NEIU's academic programs, academic support services, student affairs offices, enrollment/financial aid, housing, and so much more.  Campus tours will also be offered if you are interested.
    We only offer a couple of Open Houses per semester.  Please choose which option works best for you.  If you cannot make it to one of these available Open Houses, we would love to have you take a personalized visit to campus.  You can find the list of available dates and times here: