NEIU Undergraduate Preview Day

    You are invited to visit NEIU with other prospective students to learn more about NEIU and get a taste of what a day in the life of an NEIU student is like.  Either use your day off of school (or take a day off), and spend it with us.  Bring a few family members as well.  Why do students love NEIU?  What makes NEIU different from other universities?  What kind of financial aid is available and how to I apply for it?  What makes your on-campus dorms so special?  What's the classroom environment and learning like?  What kind of activities are there for students?  What kind of support services are there for students?  What's the food like?  Get these questions, and more, answered at a Preview Day!

    We only offer a couple of Preview Days per semester.  Please choose which option works best for you.  If you cannot make it to one of these available Preview Days, we would love to have you take a personalized visit to campus.  You can find the list of available dates and times here: